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What is a Comfortable Space between Bar Stools?

What is a Comfortable Space between Bar Stools?

The first thing you need to do is work out how many bar stools will fit into the space you want to put them. It’s very important that the space is not overcrowded - however, you also need to ensure proposed space is maximised.

Working out the optimal number of barstools will change depending who you speak to as everyone has a different personal space comfort levels.

Some people say you only need 20cm (200mm) between bar stools… whereas others say, that 1m (1000mm) is the minimum distance.

As Barstools Online (Australia) stock quite a large range with varying styles and sizes - what is the best way to work out how much space you'll need to ideally leave between each barstool?

We suggest that you begin by measuring the total length of the intended space  ie: the breakfast bar (inside measurement) length.

Next - roughly estimate the number of bar stools you would like to fit into the space available.

It’s time to dust off that calculator:

  • Find out the width of each bar stool (eg: 220mm)
  • How many bar stools you’ve decided need to go into the space eg: 4            (4 x 220mm = 880mm)
  • Take the total length of your space eg: 3,800mm - 880mm = 2,920mm         (being the total free space is leftover)
  • Then take this number (2,920mm) and minus another 200mm = 2,720mm (to allow for the space between the wall and your first stool)
  • You then divide this number by the total number of barstools required for the space (ie: 4)  eg: 2,720 / 4 = 680mm

This will give you the final amount of space between each stool.